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Shopping Cart Website

This website is for the customer who wants to start with a bigger and better site right from their own home. You'll get all of the benefits of advertising from the basic website plus:

  • A shopping cart installed with an e-commerce site having the 12 best-selling products. After the initial setup you can add as many other products as you'd like! 
  • We will set up the PayPal payment option. Other options are available as well. Visit if you do not currently have a PayPal account.
  • 30 minutes of one-on-one phone training in how to use your shopping cart (how to add items, change prices, etc...) You get help with anything you need. 

ORDER NOW! $99.95

(Hosting: First month included. Every month after will be
$5.95 per month)

Website Add-On's

Add Technical Support

Get more phone help to get your website working for you! OR Want more products on your website? We can put 30 products on for every hour purchased.

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What you get with a Premium website
Plan Premium
Startup Price  $99.95
Monthly Price $5.95
Disk Space 50 mb (raised to 300 mb free if needed)  
Bandwidth 1 gb (if more is needed we can sometimes raise this for free)  
Shopping Cart Presetup With Most Popular Products (12 products)
Technical Support Included 30 minutes included at startup of website. More support available at $50/hour
Up to 10 Email Accounts (setup by you in the cpanel)    
Installation of scripts (forums, blogs etc...) - Done by you
Webalizer statistics reports     
FTP access   
Shared SSL certificate for secure credit card transactions


What can my domain name be?

Subdomain (We provide for you)
Your site will be located at If you need to change your company name or domain later, there is�an extra $30 charge to change the domain name.

Your own domain name
If you want to use your own domain name (i.e. you must purchase it. To find out more about buying your own domain name�click here.

Questions? Watch a video and get written instructions below:

Shopping cart website Instructions

Can't find the answer? Email our technical department at

Need your website NOW?
Email the answers to the technical department after you purchase your website. Question Form, Click Here.

Hosting Payment
Pay for hosting today. $5.95 per month or get two months free by purchasing a whole year. Only $59.50, Click Here! 

All plans come with ftp access, the cpanel control panel and Quick Install (a program for installing forums, guestbook's, blogs, shopping cart systems and much more.) 

You can add any other products or information that you want to your site on your own (customer support is not included for the basic website). Racial, inflammatory, or pornographic materials are not allowed.

No refunds on completed websites. If you want to cancel your website at any time, you will be refunded for any unused hosting charges. The cost of creating your website is not refundable.

Building your custom website takes money, and effort. Once the site is built or any technical support has been used, no refund are possible. 

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